SERVICES OFFERED: Intuitive Guidance Sessions

SERVICES OFFERED:  Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Cosmic High Beams is a New Earth frequency alliance created by DK King and KAd Collins to inspire perceptions for new directions and healing support for awakened souls who are choosing to become self-aware. Utilizing ancient star wisdom and other intuitive/energetic tools, DK + KAd provide a loving environment designed to nurture conscious empowerment within a safe conversational guidance session.

Our interactive Intuitive Guidance Sessions can be best described as a cosmic collaboration times three. Cosmic energy flows where attention goes, and when a potent triad (and YES, this potent triad includes YOU!) comes together for your divine focus, energies amp up with loving intent, activations and insights occur, and shifts happen!

We are here to assist those who feel the inner call to work with us. If our frequency resonates and you feel that call, we are currently offering two types of intuitive guidance sessions:

SPECIAL NOW! Collaborative Contribution:   USD $
Our “Cosmic Conversation” is a conversational-style intuitive guidance session designed to provide mindful, sage soul support to those divinely inspired to work with us in a new kind of intuitive session. A traditional “psychic reading” this is not, although we will utilize a variety of energetic tools as spirit directs that could include tarot, runes, oracle cards, energetic alchemy and light language mudras, reiki, etc. Our sessions are interactive so your participation in your own process is essential.

2.       COSMIC STAR STORY    
SPECIAL NOW! Collaborative Contribution:   USD $
The “Cosmic Star Story” is an intuitive akashic session for the Star Seed who wants to explore their personal soul connection to the cosmos. It is specially designed to awaken your ability to remember what you have chosen to forget before incarnating within the Earth matrix, such as who you truly are, your soul’s galactic origins and star family aspects, along with divine insights into your now moment mission. This session can be life-altering for those who are ready to create new realities with purpose and renewed clarity.   

**Please provide a recent photo of your face (especially eyes), your full name and birth data when scheduling your Cosmic Star Story session.


<>    PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING: By requesting any service or offering from us, you are agreeing to our policy of doing UNCONDITIONAL BUSINESS as posted on our website. Any and all decisions and actions made by the individual requesting our intuitive cosmic support and services are the sole responsibility of that individual. Our cosmic support is never meant to replace medical treatment, psychiatric treatment, or to act as legal or financial advice. If you have concerns in these areas, please consult a reputable professional in the respective field. 

<>    Doing UNCONDITIONAL BUSINESS additionally means that we respect your privacy. Your information/experience is your story and it’s your story to tell. We will NEVER share your information or your story with anyone without your permission.

<>    TO SCHEDULE: Please contact us via email: to schedule any service or offering, and for clarification, questions or concerns. All services and offerings are subject to change as spirit directs. 

<>    Contributions/donations for all services and energetic offerings may be processed through the PayPal link provided on our website. Your PayPal receipt will be your confirmation. 

<>   Refunds will not be issued once you agree to a service by making your contribution. Rescheduling a missed appointment will be subject to availability and may not be possible.