A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Well, it’s finally happened! The cosmic frequencies have gone beyond the point of no return. New Earth is here and we’ve leveled up within. This means our vehicle – our car or means of transportation, and the way we travel through the realms – has upgraded as well.

The hybrid vehicle that once drove us through the polarizing terrains of a 3D past, as parodied in detail throughout “In The Rear View Mirror,” has gone quantum; and we are now traveling into the unknown with new frequencies, experiencing new timeline creations as we ride the waves of Cosmic High Beams.

Our hybrid vehicle wasn’t about to be left behind in the shift as it transformed itself into a cosmic ship and quantum chariot, or what we have come to call a merkabah. And we now have lift-off! The “Great Awakening” is here, and we intend to offer service with our highest form of expression.

Today that expression is to provide mindful sage assistance to those divinely inspired to work with us in a new kind of intuitive session. A traditional “psychic reading” this is not. We liken it more to an intuitive conversation times three; a potent triad where the energies amp up with intention, activations and insights occur, and shifts happen. We named our new service “Cosmic High Beams” and have described it thus:

Cosmic High Beams” is a New Earth frequency alliance created by Cavming Sistras, DK King and KAd Collins, to inspire perceptions for new directions and healing support for awakened souls who are choosing to heal and integrate within. Utilizing ancient starseed wisdom and intuition along with other helpful energetic tools, DK + KAd provide a loving environment designed to nurture conscious empowerment within a safe conversational guidance session. 
Because we all have different needs at different times, we will be providing a personalized custom approach for each soul seeking a session. While we overstand that each soul is responsible for every experience within its creation, we’ve also come to understand the value of coming together for loving support and intuitive guidance when needed.

Thank you for being here. Not just here on the world wide web reading our mission statement, but here, on Gaia, during this never-before-experienced time of ascending change that starts within each and every one of us. Just being here now shows phenomenal courage and you are a part of that. Thank you.

We are here to assist those who feel the call to work with us. If our frequency resonates and you feel that call, simply send us an email to: CosmicHighBeams@gmail.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Your Cavming Sistras
DK + KAd